Sad Love status in hindi | हिंदी सैड लव स्टेटस

Sad Love status in hindi | हिंदी सैड लव स्टेटस

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suna hai kaaphee padh likh gae ho tum… kabhee vo bhee to padho jo ham kah nahin paate..

You have heard that you have read and written a lot… Sometimes you can read what we are unable to say.

log badalate nahin hai bas unakee zindagee mein aapase koee behatar aa jaata hai ??

People do not change, just someone better comes to you in their life ??

dil jeetane ka hunar nahin aata hame, vo baat alag hai ke yahaan dil kisake paas hai

We do not know the skill of winning the heart, it is different that who has the heart here

किसी का दिल जीतने के लिए, उसके पास दिल भी होना चाहिए

We do not know the skill of winning the heart, it is different that who has the heart here

tere chale jaane ke baad itane gam mile kee tere jaane ka gam bhee yaad na raha ???

You got so much grief after you left that you don't even remember the grief ???

pyaar karane ke lie dil chaahie , jo tumhaare paas nahin hai ??

You need a heart to love, which you do not have ??

itana aasaan nahee jeevan ka kiradaar nibha paana, insaan ko bikharana padata hai rishto ko sametane ke lie.

Not so easy to play the role of life, A person has to be shattered to cover the relationship.

shak se bhee aksar khatm ho jaate hain kuchh rishte.. kasoor har baar galtiyon ka nahee hota.

Some relationships often end with suspicion .. There is no fault of mistakes every time.

main hansata hoon to bas apane gam chhipaane ke lie.. aur log dekh ke kahate hai kaash ham bhee isake jaise hote.

I laugh just to hide my sorrow .. And people see that they wish we were like this too.

ek se toota to doosare se jod lete hain, aajakal rishte bhee vaee phaee ke netavark kee tarah hain.

If broken by one, then join the other, Nowadays, relationships are also like Wi Fi networks.

baat to sirph jazbaaton kee hai varana, mohabbat to saat pheron ke baad bhee nahin hotee

It is only about emotions or else, Love does not happen even after seven rounds.

zindagee whats app ke last saiain jaisee hai, sab ko apanee chhipaanee hai,doosaro kee dekhanee hai

Life is like last seen of whats app Everyone has to hide themselves, others have to see.

aadat bana lee hai….mainne khud ko takaleeph dene kee, taaki jab koee apana takaleeph de to phir takaleeph na ho

Have made a habit… .I have to trouble myself,
So that when someone gives a problem, then there is no problem.

toojhe meree muskaan achchhee lagatee thee le aaj toojhe vo bhee de dee ?

You liked my smile, but today you gave me that too?

mere akelepan ko mera shaukh na samajho yaaro, bade hee pyaar se tohapha diya hai kisee chaahane vaale ne.

Do not consider my loneliness as my boast, friends, have given a gift with love.

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